Banksters are aiming to turn XRP into the main currency used for cross-border payments, and online gamblers love that notion! Even some operators have noticed the potential and already let you play casino games and sports bet for it. We are here to make it even easier for you by sharing our best 5 exchanges to buy Ripple for gambling! Forget long waiting times, and verifications, stick to platforms that send you coins without a hassle fast!

#1 Binance - Buy XRP For Gambling

Every crypto user has heard the name Binance at this point, whether it be due to their hacks or their trusted rating in the community, anyway we look at it, this platform is one of the best places where to buy XRP for gambling!

Binance has a fixed general trading fee of 0.10% on your Ripple trades, and there is a way for you to save even more by simply using their original token to pay for the fees. We are talking about BNB! Users who opt to pay their fees in BNB will enjoy a lovely 25% discount, and that's a lot of extra coins for you to gamble with! There are additional withdrawal fees that get paid to the network validators. It is certainly one of the most convenient places where to buy Ripple for gambling without verification.

#2 Changelly - Fast XRP Swaps

The next stop that doesn't require any personal verification is the instant XRP exchange, Changelly. Changelly lets you perform quick swaps through their automated interface using nothing more than your e-mail attached to the account. The process requires determining what coins you are trying to swap, how many of them, and then including your destination wallet to the transfer box. As soon as your sent altcoins get a confirmation, the system automatically processes your coins to your wallet! All you have to pay is a network fee based on the current congestions and a small 0.5% trading fee to Changelly. That makes them one of the best 5 exchanges to buy Ripple for gambling!

#3 SimpleSwap - Ripple Exchange

Another instant exchange platform is SimpleSwap, they are not as cheap as previously mentioned options but they do enable you to buy XRP for gambling without personal verification. It works on the same principle as Changelly, and you will receive your coins after one confirmation. If you are looking to save a little bit extra, then sticking to above-mentioned services is your better option!

#4 - Ripple Exchange Platform

Liquid does enable you to buy XRP with a quick exchange for numerous other altcoins but you do need to provide personal details on the signup. You will not be asked to verify yourself if you keep your limits low, and are not looking to buy it using any FIAT-based currencies. However, our previously named options are better because of not having to do any of that. Normally there is a 0.10% fee on all of your trades but users can get a 50% discount when they use QASH token to pay for them, turning it into 0.05% fee per trade. It is not the easiest platform where to buy Ripple from compared to previously listed options.

#5 Huobi Global - XRP Trading

And finally, you can also get XRP by purchasing it on Huobi Global exchange. With fees averaging right around 0.2% it is not the cheapest alternative for buying XRP but can come in handy when other channels do not suit you.

That sums up our best 5 exchanges to buy Ripple for gambling, and we hope it helps your future gaming needs!

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