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Chopcoin is a blockchain gaming platform that is bringing you a unique cell game.

Games objective is to keep eating other cells (players) and building yours in size, at the end of the round biggest cell collects the prize. Payouts depend on the game style that you join.

King of the hill format rewards a payout every time that player has held top position for 2 minutes.

Paid format deducts a small fee for the house and adds all of the rest buy-ins into one pool. At the end of the round winners are divided with the pool.

Faucet mode allows everybody to play for free and at the end of each round top 15 players receive a prize.

The final format is not for the faint of heart! Deathmatch is played until there is only one player remaining who collects all of the winnings!

Other types of Ripple casino games are unavailable at Chopcoin's XRP gaming platform.


We cannot locate any extensive promotions or deposit bonuses at Chopcoin.

Players can buy a private avatar.

Chopcoin has an active affiliate program which pays 8% commissions on all of your referrals winnings.

There is a Faucet-mode. Players can play Chopcoin's cell game for free and top 15 finishers will be rewarded with bits that they can use for playing afterward.


Games with live dealers unavailable at Chopcoin.

Cell game is based on the random number algorithm but played against other people.

There is no provably fair feature.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals is a blockchain-based gaming platform that operates in Bitcoin but accepts Ripple (XRP) deposits via Shapeshift.

Ripple (XRP) deposits credited with one confirmation on the blockchain network.

Ripple (XRP) withdrawals are unavailable.

Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals shipped out instantly. Deposit must be confirmed first.

Trust Conclusion

Chopcoin is a good alternative to your regular blockchain gaming selection of card table games. Cell game is clever and mildly-addictive. Adding faucet is a good way for allowing players to learn the game without risking their crypto. Unfortunately, traffic is on the lower end at Chopcoin but you could find quite a few matches running throughout the day. Deposit bonuses are unavailable. Players could buy a private skin for their game avatar. An extra value could be found from the affiliate program paying 8% commissions on your referral's winnings. Shapeshift allows depositing with the majority of alternative currencies but withdrawals are processed in BTC.

We believe that Chopcoin is above average Ripple gaming platform and you should try them out.

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