We all have our favorite coins, but what should one do when an operator hasn't caught up with all of the latest trends? Find alternative options for how to gamble with XRP! We have thought about possible ways for how could somebody gamble using XRP, and here it is! Without further ado let's take a closer look at some alternatives.

Find A Ripple Casino With XRP Deposits & Withdrawals

The most obvious option is to look for a Ripple casino that focuses on XRP! While there aren't too many XRP casinos out on the blockchain, then there are quite a few options for regular players.

We have scouted through numerous Ripple casinos and packed our findings into easily readable reviews. Take a moment to check around on our site, and find a perfect Ripple casino that lets you gamble for XRP!

If you are tired of playing at your Ripple casino and need something extra, then we believe our following options might be more suitable for you!

Use Quick-Exchange To Swap XRP to BTC And Play At A Bitcoin Casino

You might have not thought about this one! Did you know that there are quick-exchanges that allow you to swap different cryptocurrencies without big hassle or fees? That's right!

If you have found an online casino that accepts crypto but not XRP, then head on right over to Shapeshift or Changelly and perform a quick exchange! You can use your deposit address as the receiver in Shapeshift or Changelly so that you wouldn't need to pay extra miner fees!

Use the same trick when withdrawing, initiate it from your favorite casino to the exchange directly while putting your personal XRP address for the receiver!

This will save you trouble when trying to play with XRP at a crypto casino not supporting it.

Gamble With XRP By HODL'ing!

Another good option for how to gamble with XRP is by holding, or HODL'ing if you are into hipster-speech! While this is more of a speculative investment, then we find it as a perfect option in our list of XRP gambling choices.

Buy XRP today and hold it for future gains if you are not looking to play games of chance!

Find A XRP Dice Site or A Casino Accepting Investments

You can also gamble with XRP by finding a casino or dice site that accepts bankroll investments in XRP. We have reviewed a few Ripple dice platforms that will take your XRP to boost house bankroll, and pay you dividends from the house edge based on the general action!

Find a casino accepting XRP investments to gamble with it alternatively. Keep in mind that in short-term you might experience a loss even when investing into house edge, that's why we are calling it a gamble!

Learn more about sites allowing you to gamble with XRP thanks to your top Ripple gambling guide today!

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