Have fun at Luckygames.io innovative Ripple casino!

Gaming Selection

Luckygames.io offers a small variety of provably fair casino games on their blockchain gaming platform. Their trust and popularity come from secure and somewhat unique games.

You are in for a disappointment if you are looking for good casino card games. Luckygames offers only one variation of typical table games which is provably fair Ripple roulette. XRP provably fair roulette is a good alternative to normal virtual casino games.

Ripple provably fair dice is also available at Luckygames, just like all of the other games on this blockchain gaming platform, you are able to verify outcomes being randomized prior any of the betting taking place.

Following is a game that players could enjoy every afternoon, called Cells and it is a variation of old-school minesweeper. You can increase the difficulty of your field by selecting lower win chance before your round. The same action would result in higher multiplier on your bet.

Luckygames also offers Ripple provably fair Balls game. This game allows you to select between 11 numbers (Balls) and run a magnet to collect random ones from the roster, if your selected balls hit the magnet then you win! Your winning probability increases with more balls that you select but it also reduces the multiplier and vice versa.

Finally, one of the most interesting Ripple provably fair games that are available on this blockchain gaming platform is called Hacker. In reality, it is something like a minesweeper but the whole story is built around hacking websites. We advise this game to anyone tired of typical XRP gaming variations.


Luckygames does not offer any deposit bonuses to their customers.

There is a loyalty contest ranging in between 0.001 - 0.100 BTC for top wagerers.

Affiliate programs pay 10% commission for any players you refer.

Players chat is integrated with a Rain-bot that is activated for free bits.


There are no games with live dealers available.

All of the games are based on random number generators.

Every game is equipped with a provably fair feature.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals

Luckygames.io supports a huge amount of blockchain currencies in their funding options with an option of exchanging all of them between each other internally.

Ripple XRP deposits are credited upon 1 confirmation.

All of the XRP withdrawals are processed instantly.

Trust Conclusion

Luckygames.io may not have the largest blockchain gaming selection out there but they do give you a piece of mind and secure gaming environment thanks to only hosting provably fair XRP casino games.

Affiliate programs are a good incentive for referring new users to the platform and Luckygames pays 10% commission for their base-tier. Higher rates are unlocked with higher referring volume.

All together, Luckygames is one of the most trusted Ripple casinos on the blockchain and if you are in need of a new XRP provably fair gaming platform then this is your best bet!

Good luck on your journey for finding the best Ripple casino!

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