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The blockchain technology has brought as many provably fair and decentralized gaming platforms but XRP dice crash games are the most fun ones yet.

XRPBust is a Ripple variation to a popular crash game. This is a multiplayer game with all of the players wagering on the same round and sharing a piece of 1% bonus. Your bet plus the multiplier is paid separately, the last person to cash out from the round will earn the highest share of the bonus.

There is a 5-second betting round for all of the players to place their XRP bets, cashing out is permitted at any moment that the round hasn't crashed. If you don't cash out in time then your bet is forfeit.

Creators of this game have called it 99% luck and 1% skill while some crash-regulars disagree and say that there is much more skill in it than appears.

We could vouch for XRPBust to be a fun way for spending your afternoon and with a bit of luck it could turn out into quick XRP riches.


XRPBust does not happen to offer any deposit bonuses to their loyal players at this time.

We couldn't find an active VIP program.

XRPBust does not have an active Ripple (XRP) affiliate program.

1% bonus is split amongst all of the players participating in the crash.

A faucet is currently inactive.


XRPBust does not offer any Ripple casino games with live dealers.

The crash game is fully based on the random number generator algorithm.

The provably fair feature is active and seed hashing was done publicly in the Bitcointalk forums.

Blockchain - Deposits & Withdrawals is a blockchain-based dice crash game that operates on Ripple (XRP).

Ripple (XRP) deposits credited to players accounts instantly.

Ripple (XRP) withdrawals send out instantly.

Trust Conclusion

XRPBust is a clone of the original Bitcoin crash game, known as Bustabit. They have purchased their license to operate Ripple version of this site. Unfortunately, there are not many benefits or freebies for the loyalty but every round comes with a 1% bonus on it. House edge varies between 0% and 1%. We don't see huge red flags why players shouldn't deposit XRP and play at XRPBust.

After closely examining XRPBust's XRP crash game we are giving it above average trusted rating.

Keep in mind that you should never play with any Ripple (XRP) that you cannot afford to lose. We have learned that Ripple gaming is best practiced in moderation.

The safest way to avoid any issues with Ripple gaming platforms is to check some of our best Ripple casino reviews before depositing into a new house.

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